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Introduction and Techniques for Club Swinging

Introduction and Techniques for Club Swinging

Run Time: 59 minutes
Size: 642.8 MB
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This DVD is an introduction to Light and Heavy Club Swinging. Presented by Ageless Strength Media, it is the first in a series of DVDs on Physical Culture nd Martial Art Practices.

Expert Richard Maguire gives step by step instructions in the ancient exercise of Club Swinging. Richard has spent may years researching the history and techniques of this art whose origin is deeply rooted in ancient warfare.

You will learn methods of holding, various styles of swinging and see the proper execution and techniques of rhythmic club swinging. The main lesson is followed by an exercise review, freestyle routine and demonstration in the use of the Gada.

Bonus "Feats of Strength" also included.

Approximate Running Time: 60 Minutes
UPC: 689076397506

Genre(s): Exercise
Director(s): Richard "Army" Maguire

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US$ 39.99
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