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Techniques for Light Indian Club Swinging

Techniques for Light Indian Club Swinging

Run Time: 92 minutes
Size: 704.6 MB
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This latest DVD from Ageless Strength Productions covers light 1 to 5 lb Indian Club Swinging Techniques. This instructional DVD is 90 minutes in length. The first few sections of the DVD demonstrate ten basic warm-ups that can be done daily. These warm-up exercises are first shown without clubs and are broken down in detail for easier learning. These exercises are then instructed with the use of the clubs which further enhances the performance of these movements.

Additional material in this DVD covers how to stretch the hands, wrists, and shoulders. Different applications of these stretches are demonstrated using several methods; Stretching with the clubs, stretching using the wall, and finally stretching with no apparatus at all. These stretches will be an asset to any athlete. These stretches and exercises not only help to strengthen the rotor cuff, they are also an important part of the overall conditioning process. They help to prevent injury and will enhance performance of any athlete.

Many new variations of club swinging are taught in this easy-to-follow and instructional format. This DVD will help the beginner become familiar with basic movements. For the advanced practitioner of this ancient form of exercise, there are many “never-before-seen” movements that should challenge even the most proficient user of the clubs.

This DVD concludes with a routine that incorporates all the movements that are taught in the instructional sections. It is the goal of the instructor, Richard “Army” Maguire to “raise the bar” and give those already exposed to clubs some additional challenging drills.

Approximate running time: 90 minutes

Genre(s): Exercise
Director(s): Richard “Army” Maguire

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US$ 39.99
Important: Burning to DVD requires Windows